Alissa and April were so much fun to work with and their day was really, really, cool and thoughtful! Sorry, I don't want you to get too excited about it because they decided to keep the video private so it won't be posted here but they did write me a great review and sent a photo from the photographer to include with it! 

Thank you guys and Congrats!





From the brides:

"When you're a woman who loves another woman, some challenges are presented. When planning a wedding, you're bound to meet one. My fiancee and I were lucky. We didn't come up against discrimination or sideways glances. But we did find one challenge. The first videographer we messaged to ask if they were comfortable with a same sex wedding? Didn't even grace us with a reply. Not even a "thanks, but no thanks." Another said, "Well...I did my sister's wedding...but I don't advertise that I do those...." Turns out third time is a charm. This was the one thing we had the tiniest difficulty with. Everyone else treated us as just another couple, which we are. One day, while sitting frustrated at the computer, elbow deep in google searches, I came across an older article in Lavender magazine about weddings, and the vendors that helped make them happen. There, staring out at me from the pages, was the answer. "As soon as we met Eric we knew he was the one to film our wedding." I stopped, excited. I found his webpage. It was one I had previously passed over because it was full of very religious church weddings, and I didn't see another same sex couple in sight. Now don't get me wrong, I was raised Catholic and I respect that church and every other one out there. I have nothing against any of that. I was just looking for someone who would respect me and my soon to be wife, no matter what their beliefs. We watched his videos.  We went back, further and further into his blog, and found the couple from the article. It was online. He POSTED it online! He wasn't ashamed of it. He wasn't ashamed of filming two women getting married. We kept getting more excited the more videos we watched. We liked his eye, and the way he edited things together. I texted him, and he replied almost instantly. We set up a time to meet, and my fiancee and I decided to not tell him we were a same sex couple so we could gauge his true reaction to us (sorry, Eric!). We sat nervously in a Caribou Coffee, waiting for him to show. He walked in. We tensed up. He came over, smiled, and said "Hi!" We were just two humans. Two humans planning their wedding. And he wanted to help. We told him how it had been a little bit of a challenge to find a videographer who was comfortable with us. He asked if we'd seen his other video and told us how he was surprised he hadn't gotten more same sex couple clients. He listened to us. He heard us. And our wedding video is AMAZING. We chose not to have Eric put our video on his wedding blog because it's so personal and special to us, and the world doesn't need to see it. However, we DO want the world to know how wonderful Eric is, and how incredible his work is. From day one he was super responsive, and we absolutely loved working with him. He fit right in with us, and was able to capture all the tiny little moments my wife and I had completely forgotten about the day. Hiring Eric was the best decision we could have possibly made. We love looking back at the video he created that perfectly encapsulates us, and our amazing wedding day. I cannot tell you enough how wonderful he was to work with. Most of the time we didn't even know he was there, and when we did know, he was having fun right along with us. Our video is priceless, and we wanted to tell every couple out there, straight, gay, whatever, Eric is your guy. His work is beautiful. And we couldn't be happier."


Thanks again, 

Alissa & April Blaeser