Eric Olsen - Owner

Eric has been growing Olsen Media now for 5 years. It all started when a kid in Jr. High who chose to spend his first paychecks as a barista at a coffee shop on a video camera. It wasn’t until much later in life though that he would take the plunge and pursue videography as a career. Since then he’s been continually telling stories here in Minnesota and around the world.

He loves large breakfasts, cabin weekends, Ashley, and Reggie!


ashley olsen - administrator/bookkeeper

Ashley and Eric got married in 2010, although they’ve known each other since they were kids! Definitely the more detail-oriented half of the two, she keeps things running on the right track while she isn’t at her full-time job as a Buyer for Target.

Ashley loves setting up the Christmas decorations as soon as she can, trips to Disneyworld, Eric and of course Reggie!


justin dezurik - lead videographer/editor

Justin first stepped foot behind a camera almost ten years ago. He loves the woods of Northern MN but also living in the cities. You can find him planning road trips to hike with friends or tracking down good Mexican food in Minneapolis.

Justin loves editing video, coffee, and traveling. Now on board at Olsen Media, Justin is excited to create for you!


reggie - chief morale officer

Reggie is the one with the most personality of the crew. Although he likes to sleep 14 hours a day, it’s the quality of work he puts in over the quantity. Usually he can be found blending in on our grey couch or patiently waiting for a w-a-l-k. He keeps the long days of editing fun and is always up for a break to throw the ball around!

Reggie loves long walks around the lake, falling asleep in weird positions, and belly scratches!